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When did I begin to doubt myself, was it when I bounced and rattled on the floor?

Or was it when I was challenged and ridiculed for fighting for so much more?

I fought for so many things in so many places up in so many faces.

Yet now I am told that I can only do so little and stay in small places.

I was a fighter for so many years, for those that had no voice, to those that needed ears.

Yet now I am afraid to leave my house, what happened to that woman who is now a mouse, which fought those years.

Why am I now doubting myself, is it because to many have told me my direction and thoughts are wrong?

Have I given in to those that feel the need to manage me, to guide me, to let me know I am wrong?

I used to be independent, a fighter, a bitch, a sass.

Now all that’s left something weak, hiding, a little hiding lass.