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Saw a sign and agree…


Saw a sign the other day that said: When life turns its back on you…grab its ass.

I’ve been away from writing for awhile because I have never seen so much chaos in one place erupt over and over again. The volcano of emotions, events, inaccuracies, and just plain “place head on wall bang head here moments”.

Last year’s major events were four weddings and funeral. This year is moving two mother’s into senior type housing. One wasn’t ready to go and one is but not to “that” place even if its one of the best in twin cities because its too far from her kids. Then there are us kids getting involved which is help and hinder at times.

What is it about mid-life you ask? Its not a crisis of sorts, it’s because there are no more children yet your parents are getting older and you are caught in between. Caught in between not have done the amazing things your parents did to show off to your kids. Not done the amazing things to show off to your spouse/partner. Not done the amazing things to call yourself amazing.

Even though you have those around you calling you amazing, there are a few you still have to prove to that you are.

Mid-life is when so many things turn on you… your body, your children, your family, your job, and so many more to I can’t name.

You are this close to retirement but also still a father or mother. You are this close to retirement but damn can’t afford anything yet. You are this close retirement yet what do you do when you quit working? The world isn’t anything like your dad/mom retired in.

So this mid-life, this crisis, this chaos, this dye your hair blonde and buy a convertible time frame…. what is it? Some say its a change in attitude but not know what to do with it, along with that, neither do those close to you. Some say it’s a last grasp at holding on to youth, what youth? which youth? whose youth? Some say its just a new way to find yourself, find myself? was I lost? was the oneself I found after high school, college, marriage, divorce, marriage, and other life events not good enough?

So, ya know what, I’m grabbing ass and holding on and leaving a big bruise.


Summer nearing an end….


Well, summer is nearing the end, the vegetable garden is coming to a close on certain things but the canning and freezing has been a blast.  Married off our only child, said farewell to a father and a sister. Seasons come and seasons go that’s how the song goes right?

Along with that comes doors opening and doors not necessarily closing but left for a later time or to come back to when no more doors need opening.  It’s amazing when you come to a place in life that some call crisis, others call midlife, lets just call it make the best or better of it.

So if you married off your kid, had the possibility to change jobs for maybe the better, it meant moving from somewhere you have lived for 30 yrs (give a few excursions), but it was your midlife crisis. What would you do?

Hope everyone had an amazing summer!

Hope and Happiness