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I’M DONE!!!!


I don’t fuckin’ care anymore!! You stupid bible totin’ gun totin’ white faced think we were here first ignorant fucks!! I don’t care!! As long as you don’t take my hope, liberty, and freedom and keep my husband and the rest of his 1% behind!!

I am going to fight you all!! YOU WERE NOT HERE FIRST YOU IGNORANT STUPID BIGOT FUCKS!! I am done with your shit!! I am done with your stupid ass shit!! Both the REPUBLICANS AND THE DEMOCRATS!! Those ain’t a party!! That’s a Fuster Cluck!!

Well Mamma hen has come back to claim the roost and clucks are going away, far far away!!

When you see Catholic Bishops and the Head of MN NRA walk out of Pawlenty’s Office you know this nation is screwed!!

And no more being “Aware Of”… It’s gonna start being “Stop This”! We use “Aware of” in case we hurt someone’s feelings, or someone might actually have to DO something in this STUPID country. STOP STOP STOP domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, homelessness, the unfed, and MORE!! This nation needs to start STOPPING!!! SHIT!! and not that piddling thbbb shit that goes on with your neighbor shit doesn’t cut the grass or pick up the dog shit shit. THE REAL STUFF THAT WE NEED TO FIX SHIT!!

I am done, I am bitch pissed, and we are gonna fix this shit.