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How, When, Where, Who, What


How can we end the hatred?

End the bloodshed and never ending dread?

When will we become one?

In peace, humanity and love?

Where is the war going to end?

The death, violence, hurt start to mend?

Who will be the one?

Just what needs to be done?

What words or justice needs to be sought?

So that all that the world’s evil can be rallied up and caught.



Who has the Right?


The last couple of months have brought about a few eye-opening incidents. These incidents have called into question the consistency of our governments and the ability to keep to ordinances, policies, and laws the same for all.

The biggest of all is the willingness of our governments to disregard our Constitution, the next is how our government has become a pyramid scheme and no one seems to see its dangerous consequences, and the last, is blaming the many to appeal to the few.

I try to be a basic common sense person, I have been known to become “emotional” over certain subjects or when certain basic rules are not followed. I have had to be reminded of the basic rules, but when over analyzing, over talking, or becoming sidetracked of the basic outcome needed, is now common place in government, someone has to shake the tree of hierarchy to bring reality back to the table.

Who has the right to speak? Who has the right to protest? Who has the right to speak for their constituents? A Kentucky Senator is holding up key flood insurance bill until his amendment is recognized that life begins at contraception. This is who has the right to speak for you. ALL OF YOU!!  And this is the kind of person pulling the right to protest, the right to speak for others. Our government has become a mob of backroom, cigar smoking, baseball bat carrying, side stepping dealers.

When we had the Mob, at least we knew who to be afraid of and who not to deal with. But this 2012 Politics Mob is just like Clicks in Middle School, one minute you are on top and loved and the next minute you are hated and in the garbage bin out back for wearing the wrong clothes or saying hi to the wrong person.

I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK! Don’t you ever give up that right, don’t you ever give up that voice. SPEAK UP, SPEAK LOUD! Because you are speaking for so many that don’t have a voice or feel the right.