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Rights are for who? Statutes are for who? Freedom is for who? Ya…

So tired


We, in America, are fighting for or against so many things.

Serious stats

Only 3% of America is military/guard/reserve/veteran.

More Americans have killed by Americans or by family members in the United States since 9/11 by gun violence than those on 9/11 and all the the military sacrificed combined.

More girls under the age of 15 have been trafficked in and out of America since 9/11 then so called terrorists have gone in or out.

More women have been killed by thier husbands in America than mass shootings killings since 9/11

When are we going to focus on the pertinent and extreme instead of the race and religion.

I’m so tired of explaining it to stupid ignorant people.


Thank you Trump for bringing Carly vs Hillary


Trump doesn’t want to be president,  Trump wanted to bring a female republican against a female democratic for president.  That’s what was his job to get the the republican party shook up. For of those of you that don’t see this…ya well.

What we need to be aware of after American Sniper


I’m so glad that American Sniper is bringing the reality of how a military person doesn’t come home whole. But they also need to realize that the family they come home to is not whole either.

I am not the same woman my husband married before his first deployment. He his decently not the same man I married 20 years later after his third deployment.

Neither was our son.

Only 1% of our nation are in the military, active, guard, reserve. What are the rest of the 99% doing for those that protect your freedom, find your lost, fight your floods, forest fires and dig you out of snow.

Congress is going to cut their wages, their medical, their retirement.


Who Am I


Who am I? Does it really matter?

Why does it matter who I am to others unless those others mean something to me?

What is it that I am, if others keep downing what I am?

Where can I go, where can I be, where can I succeed if others block my path because of who I am?

When are we going to allow us to be who we are regardless of color, religion, gender, or wealth?

I do not care what you think of me, what I say, what I look like, what my disability is, or what my paycheck is.

We are close because we care..

I used to be…


I used to be the fixer of things, the finder of new routes, the queen of lost causes.

They sent blockades, put up barriers, more and more, until there were no more paths to take

There are no more reasons for me to be the fixer of the unjust and lost

Because this country is to big to save

I’M DONE!!!!


I don’t fuckin’ care anymore!! You stupid bible totin’ gun totin’ white faced think we were here first ignorant fucks!! I don’t care!! As long as you don’t take my hope, liberty, and freedom and keep my husband and the rest of his 1% behind!!

I am going to fight you all!! YOU WERE NOT HERE FIRST YOU IGNORANT STUPID BIGOT FUCKS!! I am done with your shit!! I am done with your stupid ass shit!! Both the REPUBLICANS AND THE DEMOCRATS!! Those ain’t a party!! That’s a Fuster Cluck!!

Well Mamma hen has come back to claim the roost and clucks are going away, far far away!!

When you see Catholic Bishops and the Head of MN NRA walk out of Pawlenty’s Office you know this nation is screwed!!

And no more being “Aware Of”… It’s gonna start being “Stop This”! We use “Aware of” in case we hurt someone’s feelings, or someone might actually have to DO something in this STUPID country. STOP STOP STOP domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse, homelessness, the unfed, and MORE!! This nation needs to start STOPPING!!! SHIT!! and not that piddling thbbb shit that goes on with your neighbor shit doesn’t cut the grass or pick up the dog shit shit. THE REAL STUFF THAT WE NEED TO FIX SHIT!!

I am done, I am bitch pissed, and we are gonna fix this shit.

Long hair can be in charge..


Sorry, but I had long hair when I was a councilwoman and when I ran for state senate and representative.

Long hair on a woman doesn’t demean anything, her intelligence, her political stature, or her public personality.

I was told several times by several people in several groups to cut my hair when I was running for council, senate, and representative.

My hair had nothing to do with whether I won or loss.

My council win twice was by 25% + and it had nothing to do with my vagina or my hair.

My loss in my run for State Representative had nothing to do with my hair or my vagina, it had to do with Democratic Party not representing me.

I am growing my hair out again because I like my hair long, I am growing my hair out again because my husband likes it long. I am not a fashionista, nor do care whether or not I am wearing makeup that day. I am here to make sure that everyone rights are being upheld, and as long as that as is happening then I am quiet in my home. But if it is not happening… then you best be sure that me and my pony tail will be bobbing up and down in your face.

Hair has nothing to do with intelligence, political stature, or public personality. Her down right attitude to get the job done does.