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Why are laws made? For the good of the people or the good of those in charge? For the good of the people or the good of those pulling the strings of those elected? For the good of the people, for country, or god.

So tired


We, in America, are fighting for or against so many things.

Serious stats

Only 3% of America is military/guard/reserve/veteran.

More Americans have killed by Americans or by family members in the United States since 9/11 by gun violence than those on 9/11 and all the the military sacrificed combined.

More girls under the age of 15 have been trafficked in and out of America since 9/11 then so called terrorists have gone in or out.

More women have been killed by thier husbands in America than mass shootings killings since 9/11

When are we going to focus on the pertinent and extreme instead of the race and religion.

I’m so tired of explaining it to stupid ignorant people.


Thank you Trump for bringing Carly vs Hillary


Trump doesn’t want to be president,  Trump wanted to bring a female republican against a female democratic for president.  That’s what was his job to get the the republican party shook up. For of those of you that don’t see this…ya well.

I used to be…


I used to be the fixer of things, the finder of new routes, the queen of lost causes.

They sent blockades, put up barriers, more and more, until there were no more paths to take

There are no more reasons for me to be the fixer of the unjust and lost

Because this country is to big to save



Attentiveness or Bliss

Anger or Ignorance

What is the difference?


Standing up, singing lauds

Playing sides, giving cause


But who’s at fault, to blame

Why the rally, or campaign

For both Able and Kane


Stop your supposed moral strong

Quit your righteous wrong

For it has been going on far too long


Fighting the purchased, why

Believing an acquired campaign, sigh

Repeating lie after lie after lie





40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and I still don’t have equal rights..


****Trigger warning for sexual assault, victim blaming***

I’m writing this today because I really don’t know what else to do. I while ago I published a post saying I was no longer going to be an advocate/activist for Violence Against Women, Domestic Violence Laws, Rape Victims and so on because I needed to move on. But I finally realized today it is not so much that I need to move on, but it is because I am in the wrong generation. My generation has failed it’s women and children. My generation has failed its unions and workers. My generation has failed to remember that when you take the oath of office it is the same one that a military soldier takes.

This is supposedly a new millennium, and the next generation is here to hopefully to save our asses. I have already seen my son learn from our many mistakes and do so much better at 23 than I was doing at that age when I had him. This new millennium is also supposedly the end of the patriarch and the beginning of the matriarch if you reach outside your christian beliefs and real read facts or care about the other religions and non-religions going on.

Three bills were proposed across this great land of ours (this once great land of ours) that give more rights to a rapists than the survivor or the survivor’s family.

The other reason I am writing this today is because when I heard about the bill in New Mexico I could not let it go and decided to write the rebuttal below. I wonder if any of the elected officials proposing the asinine bills have ever thought about these consequences.

At age seventeen I was raped by a young man I knew, at age twenty-four I was raped by two men I knew.  At age seventeen I had an abortion, at age twenty-four I was escaping a violent marriage. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage 5 months later in my parent’s bathroom. I had no idea I was pregnant, and was told she probably died at 3 months because of the beatings I took from my ex-husband.

A bill was introduced that rape victims carry their rapists’ child as evidence.

If I had to carry my rapist’s child (my ex-husband would not have been named a rapist) his friend may have…. what would I have told my son, 18 months old.  What would I have told him about his sibling especially if it wasn’t his father’s? What would I have told my son about his sibling while I went to court? What would I have told my son about his sibling if my rapist wanted joint custody and his father didn’t  What would happen when my husband adopts my son, but isn’t allowed to adopt my rapist’s child because a rapist has more rights than my husband?

For the men and women introducing these bills on behalf of the religious organizations that supported you and the other pro-life organizations that endorsed you, I know you have been asked what if this happened to your daughter. Well that doesn’t matter because all of you can afford the back room abortions, while people like me, would have had to rely on a shop vac, coat hanger, or many other life threatening devices.

If I had to give my rights to my rapists, I tell you right now, I would have dropped my son off at my parents and drove out to the country and shot myself in the head. I would not have put my parents and my son through the blind, bogus, bigoted, treatment, which you decided to enact.

Time to move on….


A time to move on…

In 1991 I came home to Minnesota battered and broken from my first marriage. I carried with me my son, my life, and a ruined dream.

We look now 20 years later, married again to my first love, our son is grown, engaged, and building a home for himself and his love.

I have had an amazing life so far, with the help of friends and family, with the support of amazing women and men, with the understanding of those around me.

But I came to a decision at the end of November this year, with almost 20 years of advocating and activating for the rights of domestic assault/violence victims I have decided to pass the torch on to someone else. I have forgiven/passed on/and rubbed out all done against me. It is also time for me to close these doors and open new ones that don’t place angst upon my husband.

Some months ago I received a call from police officer, a body was in a morgue and a card in her pocketbook had my name on it if anything happened to her. It was early in the morning; I received a car ride down to identify her. When I saw her face I stood there silent, I stood there shocked, I stood there disbelieving. The last time I saw her face was 20 years ago, she and I were at the same shelter going through the same terror. She and I went through the same counseling, the same guidance, the same love and hope. Yet here I stood over her. Identifying her and some months later would receive her ashes in the mail because no one claimed her.

I will still do my part, but I am done telling my story, I am done being the advanced party, I am done fighting the awareness of it all. It is time to move on and have someone else tell their story, someone else fight the fight. I am too tired, too trodden, too angry, to fight anymore.

So please, stop the awareness of domestic violence and start the STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…. We are already aware, it needs to stop, now.

Body language is everything…


Sunday morning I decided to watch Fox Sunday News with Chris Wallace because Chief Justice Scalia was a guest. Scalia was there to talk about his new book “Reading the Law: The Interpretation of Legal Text,” (Scalia’s co-author was law professor Robert Garner) but you know how news shows go.

While interesting questions were asked and interesting answers were given, what was even more interesting was watching Judge Scalia and matching his tone of voice with his words. His arms crossed when he became defensive, his finger over his mouth when answering a question, a sign  of a possible lie, looking down at the table instead of Wallace when answering a question. A man with a long history in law and he doesn’t know how to hide his tells.

Judge Scalia is a brilliant man, I don’t disagree. But like myself, when you are unable to hide your emotion or your bias, are you a proper pick for making decisions that affect a person, a city, a county, a state, a country or the world? Think about that the next time you fill in that little dot 98 days from now.
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