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So tired


We, in America, are fighting for or against so many things.

Serious stats

Only 3% of America is military/guard/reserve/veteran.

More Americans have killed by Americans or by family members in the United States since 9/11 by gun violence than those on 9/11 and all the the military sacrificed combined.

More girls under the age of 15 have been trafficked in and out of America since 9/11 then so called terrorists have gone in or out.

More women have been killed by thier husbands in America than mass shootings killings since 9/11

When are we going to focus on the pertinent and extreme instead of the race and religion.

I’m so tired of explaining it to stupid ignorant people.


Thank you Trump for bringing Carly vs Hillary


Trump doesn’t want to be president,  Trump wanted to bring a female republican against a female democratic for president.  That’s what was his job to get the the republican party shook up. For of those of you that don’t see this…ya well.

our piece begin with


All of us are given the same amount of pieces when we begin. The pieces are shiny and dull, colorful and plain, even rough and smooth. Not all the pieces are perfect, some are bent, some are rusty, some are duplicates, some are even broken.

But remember this:

It is how those pieces are put together whether the first time or in remodels

When presented, those that love your project unconditionally are those that will stand by no matter what

The instruction manual is not always written in the right language



My Fish Bowl


it’s been a little side note for 30 years or so,

a card in my wallet, a bracelet, necklace, of whom to call or where to go

it’s been like a goldfish i must feed twice a day

but something replaced my goldfish and put a piranha there to play

it’s not a subtle entry but a steady barrage of hits

i didn’t see it coming, hear the splash, feel the nips

it’s a cruel evil thing with ferocious teeth and eye

it’s done after eight attacks – on the bed – lifeless there i lie

my family came – rescued me never seeing an attack like this

my husband asking for my return but i was lost in the abyss

i don’t remember that day – told only in story form

i don’t recall the after – those are lost forgotten torn

pieces like a patchwork quilt with greens and blues and reds

pieces mostly blacks and grays held together by a single common thread

i had accepted my goldfish, named it floppy, changed its water, fed it every day

where this evil finned thing did come from – why now, why change

i fear this ugly animal – do not wish to call it mine

but this nameless tenant of my fish bowl thinks i am it’s and will be here for some time

but I am back to feeding them twice a day,

regardless of its intentions and its need to get its way,

goldfish and piranha are separate now and defined,

floppy is doing well, its sharped tooth devil that is still being wined and dined.

and on with life we go again, a card in my wallet, a necklace around my neck,

its once again a side note, but making sure the world around me knows the side-affect.

Long hair can be in charge..


Sorry, but I had long hair when I was a councilwoman and when I ran for state senate and representative.

Long hair on a woman doesn’t demean anything, her intelligence, her political stature, or her public personality.

I was told several times by several people in several groups to cut my hair when I was running for council, senate, and representative.

My hair had nothing to do with whether I won or loss.

My council win twice was by 25% + and it had nothing to do with my vagina or my hair.

My loss in my run for State Representative had nothing to do with my hair or my vagina, it had to do with Democratic Party not representing me.

I am growing my hair out again because I like my hair long, I am growing my hair out again because my husband likes it long. I am not a fashionista, nor do care whether or not I am wearing makeup that day. I am here to make sure that everyone rights are being upheld, and as long as that as is happening then I am quiet in my home. But if it is not happening… then you best be sure that me and my pony tail will be bobbing up and down in your face.

Hair has nothing to do with intelligence, political stature, or public personality. Her down right attitude to get the job done does.


The New Year…


Oh My Gosh!!

Last year we had 4 weddings and a funeral.. seriously.

This year I am seriously hoping that all nieces and nephews are married. Having babies can be done from long distance.

2014 is going to be a year of moving people, people getting better, people finding “new jobs”, people relocating.

2014 is also going to be an amazing year of being a part of groups that re-identify, part of groups that say WTF?!
Part of groups that give thhhhbbbb before lunch… and instead make that group earn lunch and off time.

It’s been an icky 2 years. I have one more year to fight for my brain before I come back and say I running for….

If Gabby can do it…. dammit so can I.

So Long a Love


There are so many quotes and songs that my husband and I adhere to,
We have many, many, ifs ands, and whats that went by we don’t even have clue.

But twenty plus years of friendship and marriage there seems to be a plus
That he and I are somewhat right for each, a two together in such for thus.

It is 19 years of marriage today and 30 years of friendship. I’m shaking my head at the latter.

4 weddings and a funeral..


2013 has been an amazing year. One of celebration and grief.

Grief from the end of the year before of a wife and husband/brother. Grief from this year of the loss of a husband of 67 years.

Celebration of 4 new beginnings. 4 couples joining in family and friends presence and to joyously say to each other “I believe that we will be together through thick and thin to death do we part”.

It has been an odd year of gatherings and separations of families, an odd year of some finding strength and some waiting for the bottom of the barrel to hit.

It is my hope that 2014 is a brighter, slower, peaceful, and more self oriented year for all.

It is my hope that 2014 is one focused on change for self for all.

It is my hope that 2014 is quiet.

730 Days and Counting – Activation, Deployment, Return and Reunion – Sequester/Furlough be damned


  • I have decided to re-post this because of the sequester and the furlough. Roughly 1200 full-time National Guardsmen and women will be cut to 32 hours a week because the defense budget hasn’t been ratified. That means 26% of these Guardsmen and women’s paychecks will be cut, including my husband’s. I would have to guess that most of these full timers are veterans. Most of these full timers have families. And last but not least, how many of these full timers are still fighting combat stress or PTSD.  
    If you wish to call and give your opinion here is the phone number to the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Dept. 703-607-2584 
  • Almost 7 years later and and a 2nd deployment in between I post this because the Defense Dept. has cut deployment return time off funding to our troops….my troops…..your troops and I’m find myself having to be angry once again. like I was in 2005, like I was in 1998 when I began MY warfare against the Federal Government, Congress, and the Defense Dept. on behalf of our troops and their families. Do I have to light my torch again?

I was driving home from work on 35E when my husband called and said the official word had finally come in. Orders had been cut, his unit would be heading to train in WI and then off to Iraq. I had been prepared for this call for some time now but for some reason a sense of dread, panic and utter loneliness overcame me and I found myself pulled over on the side of the highway during rush hour trying to fathom what was to come.

Now began the long weeks of readiness, briefings, tears, and the unknown. On Dec 7 2003 our guys were activated, and a week later they convoyed out to WI for 1 to 3 months of training. The first week in Feb. my husband and the rest of the unit landed in Kuwait, the hours and minutes of unknown had begun. Sporadic updates, sporadic communications, and ever changing conditions for our soldiers began to wear on our families. CNN and MSNBC and others like them were evil allies in making life worse for our military families. Death, death and more death was all they would report and the fact that military families didn’t seem to have the same rights as civilians when it came to the death of a loved one just made us feel even more insignificant. By month three my TV remained off but my phone and my computer remained at the ready as did every other family member’s, waiting, waiting for a connection to the life they knew before.
For those of you with loved ones at home, maybe you can understand this analogy. Imagine if you can your child or loved one going out or leaving the house and then not calling when they don’t come home at the pre-determined time. Now it’s two hours past that time, now 6 hours. Imagine that feeling for 365 to 545 days in a row. The only problem with this scenario is that you can’t call them, or their friends or the workplace or hangout. You are stuck waiting and hoping that all is well. There is always the saying “No news is good news”, but it is very hard to get in that frame of mind when it comes to a loved one.

It is now Aug 2004 and I can’t tell you when it happened or why it happened but I am sure it was an accumulation of sleepless nights, raising a teen, a house that refused to stay intact for more than a month are among a few. But I think it was mainly that many were so uncaring and unaware that military families existed and the sacrifices they were making. I don’t remember the exact day it happened but I went from being a veteran FRG volunteer and military family voice and then the spark went out. Everything that I had loved about being part of the camaraderie, the loyalty and caring just wasn’t important anymore. It became more about self preservation than it did about the group as a whole.

My husband came home in Jan 2005, it is now Dec 2005, seven hundred thirty plus days and counting. We have been through return, we were going through reunion and then the military again seemed to think that reunion and readiness with family was not as important as getting troop equipment ready for a deployment. For three months (June-Sept) my husband and co-workers spent weeks away from home and came home weekends. Every project that had been put off for the last 2 years due to his deployment was now put off again and so was our family’s reunion progress. Not only was this an emotional and mental strain, but it was also a financial strain as well, we were now back to square one.