For those that think military benefits are bogus


For those that think that Veterans get too much as far as benefits and the military gets paid to much and to many benefits,  well let me give you a glimpse into real li

First of all, the 34thID National Guard which is located here in Minnesota,  has been deployed to more wars than any American based Army unit since WWII.

Second,  Minnesota is the best National Guard in the United States.

Third, a guard member makes between 25-35 dollars an hour. They finally got a 2% raise after 8 years.  How many raises has congress and our legislation received?  That wage doesn’t even hit middle income after the health care, the dumb ass dues they pay to the old boys network, and so much more.

Fourth,  only 1% of Americans are enlisted.  Not because they want/wish to. But because they can’t pass the entrance exams
First of all, I would like you to take note, that 40% of our military when they enlist have either an AA degree,  a Technical degree, or a BA/BS.

The reason the other 99% never served is because of the following:

They were too fat, they had health problems,  or were currently on illegal drugs.

They did not have a clean judicial record.

They did not pass the psych exam

They did not pass the security check

They did not pass the physical training (basic)

This is why. this one percent deserves these wages,  deserves these benefits, and deserves being taken care of after following  orders.

Send this to your stupid ass congress person regardless the party.

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