How, When, Where, Who, What


How can we end the hatred?

End the bloodshed and never ending dread?

When will we become one?

In peace, humanity and love?

Where is the war going to end?

The death, violence, hurt start to mend?

Who will be the one?

Just what needs to be done?

What words or justice needs to be sought?

So that all that the world’s evil can be rallied up and caught.



About me

Northern country girl, daughter, mother, wife, fiscal conservative, social liberal, recovering catholic, environmentalist, equality rules! Proverbs 31 Girl. You may as well say, 'That's a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion. William Tecumseh Sherman When you wake up in the morning and your feet hit the floor.... the devil says "oh crap, she's awake"...

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