My Fish Bowl


it’s been a little side note for 30 years or so,

a card in my wallet, a bracelet, necklace, of whom to call or where to go

it’s been like a goldfish i must feed twice a day

but something replaced my goldfish and put a piranha there to play

it’s not a subtle entry but a steady barrage of hits

i didn’t see it coming, hear the splash, feel the nips

it’s a cruel evil thing with ferocious teeth and eye

it’s done after eight attacks – on the bed – lifeless there i lie

my family came – rescued me never seeing an attack like this

my husband asking for my return but i was lost in the abyss

i don’t remember that day – told only in story form

i don’t recall the after – those are lost forgotten torn

pieces like a patchwork quilt with greens and blues and reds

pieces mostly blacks and grays held together by a single common thread

i had accepted my goldfish, named it floppy, changed its water, fed it every day

where this evil finned thing did come from – why now, why change

i fear this ugly animal – do not wish to call it mine

but this nameless tenant of my fish bowl thinks i am it’s and will be here for some time

but I am back to feeding them twice a day,

regardless of its intentions and its need to get its way,

goldfish and piranha are separate now and defined,

floppy is doing well, its sharped tooth devil that is still being wined and dined.

and on with life we go again, a card in my wallet, a necklace around my neck,

its once again a side note, but making sure the world around me knows the side-affect.


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  1. Somewhere I saw a writing contest opened for epilepsy awareness month. If you can find it, I hope you enter this piece.

    Wow! You are extremely talented. This poem made me smile and fill with sadness within a few lines going back and forth. Thanks for echoing so many stories of epilepsy.


  2. It was excited to come across your site a short while ago. I arrived here today hoping to learn interesting things. I was not upset. Your well thought out ideas with new strategies on this subject matter were enlightening and a great help to me. Thank you for making time to create these things and for sharing your mind.

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