Call the docs, Call the Bishops, Call the Warlocks! Call the the the the

…. for Petro’s sake take a pill.

If it is the first or second one then call an ambulance…maybe… if there is someone on hand that knows how to take care of someone that has a seizure than go that route.

People with seizures at one time were considered gods/high priests/lords then something went wrong…. and for the rest of you…I will let all of you look that painful story up.

It has taken since then, for us to pull ourselves out of dark pits, insane asylums, state hospitals, and more. And now, for pigskins sake, we have a MAN, a REAL MAN, a FOOTBALL COACH, having seizures.

I wonder how many other of the 60,000 epileptics in Minnesota had a seizure on Saturday. The MOMs, the DADs, the CHILDREN, the COLLEGE KIDS (like Representative Abeler who unfortunately lost his to SUDEP), the STOREKEEPERS, the BANKERS, the GOVERNMENT WORKERS, just to name few.

The difference between us and Coach is the stupid news keeps reporting it like its some kind of awful thing. Of those 60,000 epileptics we don’t have to report it to you stupid sports reporters every time it happens.

A seizure is normal, just like low sugar is in diabetes, just like high blood pressure, just like migraines, just like a heart attack, and can be dealt with medically or sometimes surgically. There are some seizures that are not easy to control. But those like Coach’s and mine are controlled by medication, I have mine for 34 years, had a family, worked, and more.

If the College would ignore the fans ignorant and bigoted outbursts and ranting, then all will go away. If the news will quit reporting a normal life situation, or start reporting it as a normal life situation maybe the world would treat at as normal life situation.

Over and Out



Okay, explanation simple for your sports people to understand (I’m a sports person too I just don’t let it take up every aspect of my life)

A seizure is kinda like when a breaker goes out in your house’s breaker box during a game and the t.v., stereo, and cable go out in the living room and you have to down to the basement and flip the switch and guess what, everything is back on and alright again.

That’s what’s goes on in an epileptic’s head, so….the more the paper keeps reporting it, the more we are going to stress about it, the more we are going keep crappy floppy all over the place, the more you idiots are gonna complain.




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  2. The only thing that really irritates an epileptic the most, is ignorance. Being left in a spaghetti plate on a blind date, being stepped over in the women’s bathroom at the Metrodome, being called a retard for half your life by kids AND adults. Having to hide it because no one wants to understand it. My brain has a short circuit, I live with it, why can’t you?

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