Paglia: If You Can’t Stand Her, Come Sit By Me.*


Oh, Camille. 

First, h/t Clarisse Thorn, who brought this to my attention.  Camille Paglia, the ur-concern troll of academic feminism, is apparently still writing for publication.  I suppose I had assumed as much, since concern trolls of a certain kind are never really out of a job.  What she purports to do here is review three books.  That’s not fair.  She actually reviews three books.  Then she departs from reviewing and begins pontificating, ending in the sort of embarrassing faceplant that Pee Wee Herman had the comic timing to pull off with a snarky “I meant to do that.”

The books she reviews are:  Dr. Staci Newmahr’s Playing On The Edge;  Dr. Margot D. Weiss’s Techniques of Pleasure; and Dr. Danielle Lindemann’s Dominatrix.  I’m familiar with some of this material.  I read Newmahr’s book and I’ve had a few conversations with the author (I could be called biased; while…

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