What Does A Strong Female Role Model Look Like?


Interesting thoughts and looks at the differences between princesses and battle women and the generations.

Thought Catalog

Two billion dollars. That’s how much the Top 5 superhero movies grossed in America in 2012. That’s more than Somalia’s annual GDP. According to some estimates, that’s how much money is spent yearly in the global black market firearms trade. It’s definitely enough paper to buy you half of an aircraft carrier, one with all the bells and whistles. And that wasn’t even the global box office for the movies. That’s just the domestic take. Hollywood may be dumb but the town’s not stupid. Every film studio knows, when they get it right, superhero franchises are money-printing machines. It’s almost that time of year again when superheroes bash their way back onto movie screens all around the world for their annual takeover of our summertime cinema. But for another year, a growing audience is left to wonder…

Why is there no Wonder Woman movie?

She’s everyone’s favorite female superhero. C’mon… do you wanna…

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