Dissociative Fear looks or feels like this!!!!!!


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C PTSD - A Way Out


The military and police teach a special stance and grip for firing a weapon under intense fear and pressure. This special technique stands up under our adrenal response mechanism, that is adrenaline and cortisol dumping into our system.
We feel like this barn, under enormous pressure to escape this fate. This visual is the scariest scenario we can imagine, whatever that may be for each individual. Anyone with PTSD knows the pressure this barn is under.
PTSD brings the same intense, adrenal response as cops or soldiers face. The exact, same mechanism pumps blood to our extremities, increases heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, along with inducing tunnel vision, loss of fine motor skills, release of cortisol and adrenaline and some loss of hearing.
That is why the breathing track works so well, it is simple, concrete and repeatable under intense pressure.
The breathing…

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