Sacred, Superior, and Coconuts…


About a year ago I wrote a piece titled “King, Excalibur, and his Holy Grail….” it was a parody look at Rep. King, Rep. De Graaf, Ben Stein and several others “I can’t believe they just said that” type comments using bits from Monty Python.

Lately I have thought a lot about Mr. Python and his Flying Circus as I pound my head on my key board one more time. At the time I wrote that piece last May, I had more hope, less sarcasm (really i did) less anger, and a strength that I could still help change our world. It is amazing what changes in a year.

The Holy Grail is still firmly in its Palace. Program Interruptions have yet to be acknowledged and a Greater Being is taking control. Preaching out loud The Meaning of Life, singing Sacred Sperms from the roof tops, and if you don’t have it..just pretend. With Coconuts.

Today a BREAKING story is more of was their gender, religion, or status to blame. Innocent until proven guilty is a sacred guideline for the news media and law enforcement until it comes to victims or survivors. Freedom of speech, Freedom of guns, and the Freedom of asinine nation has gone into full effect.

There are two quotes from Monty Python that are now constantly on my mind these days. From “The Meaning of Life”

“Ugh, you f*cking Americans are so POMPOUS! None of you have any balls! AND

“Shut up! Shut up you American. You always talk, you Americans. You talk and you talk and say ‘Let me tell you something’ and ‘I just wanna say this’. Well you’re dead now, so shut up.”

So we need to interrupt this program. Apologies for the unwarranted attacks by the supporting groups, we are luckily ready for such a problem and will remedy it as quickly as possible…..

While we watch the purchase of assault weapons rise, the rights of women fall, our veterans die, christian religion continue to take over, and our schools fail, I ask you one question.

The worst thing about all this is the parallel’s I see that the line between church and state is disappearing, the rich and white are the only ones being educated, fed, and premiered  and our well-regulated militia is becoming a psychotic army. We never learn from our past mistakes do we? And we never teach our children about them.

Clip Clop, Clip Clop, Clip Clop. You can’t expect to wield supreme power just because some half-written, misquoted book threw a make-believe sword at you do you? Oh my bad. Then off to get your french tickler, impregnate all you can, and spread your “wisdom” just because a book says it is so.

We Americans are so f*cking POMPOUS we don’t have a collective back bone to save our country if we tried. And that goes for myself, I seriously don’t know who and what to fight for or against. I am angry and hurt by those I was raised to trust.

Clip Clop, Clip Clop, Clip Clop……..




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