Women and Running for Office


Women and Running for Office…
Laurie Olmon

As I write this I am taking no sides as far as party. The lack of the female gender serving in elected office is not a party issue. It is a political issue and I will tell you why.

There has been a calling for more women to run for elected office, to get involved in politics. There have been many groups formed to help mentor young girls and women to take part in this also. Training groups that make politics more gender specific, how to be vocally assertive, what makes a good campaign, and how not to do it all. There are other groups that let women know how government works, how party systems work, and what it takes to get elected.

But what is not told to us beginners or those that choose to jump in and challenge the unlikely, is that even though rules are written they are often not followed and no one cries foul.

In the 2010 election in Minnesota, the caucus for Governor on the Democrat side was done and one person was picked and yet another still chose to run regardless in the primary. In 2008, many Republican incumbents were not endorsed because they “did not follow GOP mission” and yet these incumbents still ran as republicans and no one challenged them. This year we have a man calling bias for being fired for an affair and he has a point. Is a man supposed to know better than a woman?

A person is elected to vie for the people yet when once in office there is a majority leader, a minority leader that seems to take place of this one public servants people. Now the elected person must follow on behalf of the party and not the people. Once again the rules change.

I myself find it hard to be in this political poop pit.  I was raised by rules and consequences, which I passed to my children. Favorites were not played, if you were bad you paid the consequences. Rules do not have consequences in these party’s or in politics. I would stand there in utter amazement at how the game was played.

If I wanted to play games and bend rules I would go back to the high school cliques. If I wanted to see favorites played I would go back to high school sports, plays, and things like that. If I wanted to be led by a majority leader that cared about party more than people, I would go back and vote for class president.

I understand that I have to run under a party symbol, get voted in by the people, and serve a term. But I get voted in by the people, not a government, I will follow the party “guidelines and what they stand for” but that does not mean what the party nationwide thinks is good, does not mean it is good for those that elected me.

I do believe it is because of the rules left broken or unsaid, that more women do not run for office.


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