The War on ????


You have heard it in the halls of Congress, in the media, on the blogs and Facebook ~ The War on Women. The national crack down on women’s access to “birth control” and the amazing uprising that this nation hasn’t seen since the Equal Rights Act. So why all of a sudden this major influx of feminism? And is it all feminism?

The GOP started a war on birth control that they thought would be a wagon train gone wild. It backfired, and severely. This stance they took along with the religious right against women’s health care not only affected women, but women of all ages. It affected the poor and women of color. It also affect the men in the lives of those women. Everyone had a piece of the pie in this so-called war.

The other fact was that old white men were making decisions about women’s healthcare and that did not set well with many. The crude jokes made about women and their health was no longer being tolerated. People are finally beginning to realize that a feminist male running for office is in no way the same as a feminist female. There is a realization that feminism is not about taking over the world, it is about equality, and to bring our country’s leadership out of 78th to maybe up in the teens as far as women in leadership. Cuba and China have more women in leadership roles than the United States. So much for being united.

Back to this war on women, was this a sneak around attack by the GOP to bring down Obamacare? (I so hate it being called that by the way) Not to mention the Voter ID amendments and the Immigration amendments. We are going back 200 yrs with these amendments to when only people with property could vote. A homeless veteran with PTSD living under a bridge in St. Paul, MN is not going to get an ID because he/she can not prove where he/she lives. No property. I understand the need to get control of immigrants coming in illegally, then a total revamp of our immigration system, our court systems, and the funding severely cut from both.

There is definitely a “war on women’s health” but if you look at the bigger picture it is more of a war to save the conservative elitist. Their war to save the line drawn in the sand so many years ago. The religious right’s war to prove no one is equal under God.

I thought I would never see the day when an uprising like this would come. I have had stars in my eyes ever since Joan Growe ran for top office and I said to myself “I’m gonna do that some day”. We have pulled the rug out from underneath the smug, have carried it to a higher and dryer place and we will end it. It will take more than 17% women in elected office to make sure that rug stays, so step up, ask her to run, tell her she has to, that she will make a difference.


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  1. The one thing I forgot about in this write up was the recent pull of federal funding from Texas Women Health Program because it didn’t include Planned Parenthood. I am sure a bunch of right wing Texas elitists are just up in arms about that and are just ready to bow down and surrender. (sarcasm for those who cant hear it) What federals should have done is frozen every gun shops license to sell guns and ammo and see how Texas reacts…

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