What a day….


Celebration of life

What a day; it started out with celebrating the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with many stories of celebration like soldiers calling their parents coming out and hoping their parents still loved them, a Marine Recruiting group going to a Gay Center to recruit believing that they should hit it head on showing that they believe in the new rule, and many men and women sign up for the military again because they had left due to DADT.

American hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were finally freed after bail agreement signed and they were flown out of the country. A long and exhausting ordeal finally coming to an end and a happy ending to three families.

End of life unnecessary

But these stories along with others is overshadowded by the execution of Troy Davis. A man accused of killing a police officer but according to many the evidence and the testimony did not link Davis to the murder. Even a “evidentiary” hearing “cast little doubt” said a federal judge in Georgia. The Davis case drew worldwide attention, even France and the Council of Europe requested that the execution be staid. Protests by groups all over the US took place, but last night was a sobering gathering at prison, where by the time the execution took place the number of “protesters” is by police in riot gear. At 11:08 the lights went out in Georgia and tears is shed for injustice.

On a similar path in Texas, a man is executed for a hate crime. Lawrence Brewer is convicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and dragging death of James Byrd Jr. In 1998 Brewer stopped to give Byrd a ride, kidnapped him, and then chained Byrd to the back of his truck and dragged him to death. It is a hate crime because of the three men in the truck when, 2 of them were white supremacists.

James Byrd’s son requested over and over that the death penalty not be used and that Brewer get life in jail “he can’t hurt my father anymore and killing him wont bring my father back nor is it what he would have wanted.” Byrd’s family was not present for the execution. Lawrence Brewer life ended at 6:41 pm yesterday, it was proven that he and two of his friends did kill another human being, but because this was a hate crime should it be condoned?

Another sad, sad story, an 11-year-old took his life here in Minnesota as MPR releases their report that Minnesota’s schools have the weakest bullying rules/laws in the states. Two mothers of children that committed suicide because of bullying were in Washington DC lobbying for Safe Schools and better laws for schools against bullying.

What this day says…..

What does this day say? We had the end of DADT and a celebration of equality and no fear to serve our country. But the execution of a man that there was no physical evidence, and witnesses were shaky continues because America still considers a white law man invincible and black man will always be a degenerate.

What does this day say? We had the end of the bullying of two Americans in a country we are not friendly with after many, many months of negotiations, lawyers, and money. But here in our own country we are doing nothing to fight the bullies that are destroying our children.

What are you going to do to change this awful cycle, what are you going to do to change our ability to see the destruction going on around us by those that have self-centered reasons for being here. The destruction of this country is our fault, all our fault, because YOU and I refuse to stand up and say no more.


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